What is Jijñāsā ?

Jijnasa is a program of Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir to impart spiritual imports from standard text books of Vedic Wisdom to students and faculties in all the professional institutes. The primary objective of Jijnasa is to transform youth into refined, cultured and civilized gentle persons having a strong value system as the basis of all the activities they perform.

Mantra Meditation

Aren't you able to control your mind? Are you in state of confusion, Anger, Anxiety? Then nothing can solve your problem better than Mantra Meditation where one can medidate on sound vibration received through aural reception.

Inspiring Talks

Bored with every day lecture? Want to learn more about Life, Nature, Science, History, Culture? We have exciting schedule packed with wonderfull talks that can be entertaining plus informative in same time.

Visual Presentations

Relish eye capturing visual presentations that depict more than what words can express. We have lot's of full packed animation, movie, presentation & documentary on subject matter that can visualize the content in cognitive manner.

Delectable Snacks

Savour your taste buds with variety of delicous snacks, sweets and meals prepared by experts.

Spiritual Retreats

Enjoy blissfull retreat in most sacred and peaceful place in earth. These trip are full of funs, game, food & new friends.

Soul-stirring Music

Ever heared music that penetrated deep within your heart. Our programs are filled of transcendental music to lift you up and make you dance.


Opinions and thoughts from our students and professionals.